Point 5



We just wanted to do a quick post just to celebrate. Celebrate what you might ask. Well… I’m glad you asked. Megan is 6 months old today (point 5 as I like to say)! Normally a celebration for turning point 5 might seem pretty silly, but when every day is such a blessing and a gift it’s definitely worth taking note. It’s been a wonderful 6 months and she absolutely has to be the best baby ever! Things have really gone wonderfully for us and that’s in large part to all the help and support that we’ve gotten. It’s been incredibly humbling. The Lord’s provision is bountiful!

While I’m sitting here typing, I may as well do a brief update. Megan goes back to the hospital for infusion #3 next week (19th-21st). This will be her first treatment without surgery to kick it off, so we’re hoping that means that everything will run smoothly (although I won’t hold my breath). Then the following Sunday the 24th is the baby dedication at church. Since we had originally thought that the only time a preacher would stand over her would be a very different occasion, this is especially exciting. It’s also the same Sunday that they’ll introduce the new candidate for pastor and we’re looking forward to hearing from him. Thanks to all for the love and support!


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  1. Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Megan Clara. Happy Birthday to you. Love Aunt Mae and Uncle Topper

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