Megan… your worst nightmare!


I’ve been getting a lot of flak lately for not being more faithful in distributing up to date information. You people just don’t understand! I’ve been (insert lame excuse here). Ok… so maybe you do understand. The holidays are a wonderful time of fun and family that leaves everyone exhausted and a little behind on their to-do lists (not to mention a few pounds heavier). At least it’s that way when you throw in some deadlines at work, refinish some furniture at home and participate in the cookie exchange at church. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I have bags under my eyes and my pants are a little snug, so I’m well on my way to a very merry Christmas! At any rate I’m happy to report that things have been going really well the last few weeks.

The first bit of good news is that after a trip to her doctor Leslie can happily report that she’s hernia free. Let’s be honest… isn’t that what everyone wants for the holidays? Turns out that all of the issues were due to the suchres from her c-section becoming inflamed or irritated or something. We’re definitely happy to put that issue to rest. The best news of the last few weeks is that Megan has been break free (so far as we know). I never imagined when we talked about having a second child that we be celebrating that sort of news, but we do. Don’t take anything for granted… not one single day of good health and happiness. If there’s anything that conditions like this one will teach us it’s to make the most of each and every day. You can’t assume anything in this fallen world! No family ever plans for this sort of thing.

It’s on that note that I’ll say what a heavy heart we’ve had over the mass killing in Newtown, Connecticut. I can’t imagine what those families must be feeling. I keep picturing a family with a Christmas tree under which are wrapped presents that will never be opened. I dare say that these families will probably never see Christmas the same way again. At the same time I also have to say that without the reason for the Christmas holiday there would be no hope or possibility for peace in a situation like this one. I’m so thankful that there’s a place that I can take a confused and aching heart for solace. Or, maybe I should not say to a place so much as to a person. The city of Newtown has our heartfelt and earnest prayers this Christmas season.

Megan starts her second Pamidronate infusion tomorrow, so we’ll be heading to Children’s Hospital for what will become our routine 3 day stay. We’ll have to go to surgery for at least the next two stays as she’s not heavy enough to get the medi-port that would allow us to skip the surgery part from here on out. Perhaps she’ll weigh enough on the next visit (I can almost guarantee that if I slipped a little egg nog or a crumbled up cookie in her bottle that would do the trick… it certainly works for me). At any rate since it’s cold and flu season, Pete won’t be able to visit Megan during this stay. We’ll see how well we can distract him from the fact that his Momma and Megan won’t be around for the next few days. We have some Grandparents out from Alabama to run interference for us and maybe that will do the trick. We’re really hoping that this time will go a little smoother than the last time with the PICC line and our insurance. That could be wishful thinking as our insurance company just sent us an explanation of benefits yesterday for the first Pamidronate treatment which was $31,000 and generously offered to cover $50 of it. Needless to say, we’ll be speaking to them about that one. What can I say Mr. Kaiser… Megan is your worst nightmare! Those guys just don’t jump in to throw money around without some prodding.

We’ve had a lot of fun the last few weeks with Christmas decorations, guests and zoo lights at the Denver Zoo. That’s not to mention the highlight of the last few weeks, which was Pete’s Christmas progam at school just this morning! He and his class sang Joy to the World, Gloria and The First Noel as a kickoff to a little play called The Cutest Christmas Cupcake that was being put on by the church. I was cast in the role of the proud father in the crowd with the video camera (you know the type). All the kids really did a wonderful job. We finished everything off this weekend by riding around looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols. It made for a day full of great joy! I know what you’re thinking… Christmas lights and carols in the car… be sure to call me next year before you head out! Will do!


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  1. Leslie, ever since your mom gave me the address to this website, I’ve been following little Megan closely. Your family is precious! You guys are in my prayers!

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